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What is an Everlasting Postcard?

Well pretty much what it says, a postcard that’s made of materials that last forever, as flexible as paper, the corners don’t bend, it doesn’t get wet, discolour or tear, preserving an everlasting memory you can send anywhere in the world.

Everlasting Postcards are made from solid metals such as Aluminium, Copper & Stainless Steel, they are Recyclable, Modern, Post-able, Downloadable and Impacting, they can be sent, Whenever, Wherever and Last Forever.

Everlasting Postcards capture the need to communicate and stay in touch whilst protecting traditional concepts of the postcard surprise that lands on your doormat.

As humans we want to communicate and keep in touch, as people we have a natural desire to want to share experiences and tell the world. Today we have found many modern ways to do just that. through media platforms that include Instagram, Snap Chat and Facebook to name but a few. Although for some putting pen to paper is slowly becoming a thing of the past, though the need to Communicate, Translate, Share and inform is more a part of our modern daily lives than ever before. Everlasting Postcards in a modern world can play a part in the way we communicate, share experiences and capture an everlasting memory.

Our everlasting postcards embrace traditional concepts in modern materials, preserving an everlasting memory you can view and touch forever. A photo of a loved one, A moment in history or landmark, an addition to the family, a wedding, a special place in the world, a thank you, Christmas, birthdays, a holiday memory or a simple moment in time you want to share with future generations.

Additionally, everlasting postcards connect consumers with artists, not just to represent absorbing abstracts and aesthetically pleasing pieces of works on everlasting postcards but to make artists’ works accessible in a practical environment. In collaboration directly with Artists and Licencing Houses we have now created 1000's of designs consumers can choose from.

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